Calibration Certification Of Tanks

Nirman Engineers Associates provides accurate and precise measurements and calibrations of large Molasses, Ethanol, fuel, petroleum, and chemical storage tanks. Tank calibration also includes shore tanks that are used to store Ethanol, Molasses, crude oil refined petroleum, and other products.

Storage tank calibration:
* Horizontal and Vertical Land Tanks Calibration
* External and internal tank calibration using EODR (Electro-Optical Distance Range)

Sugar Ethanol, Petroleum, and storage tanks for chemicals calibrated:

* Vertical Tanks
* Horizontal Tanks
* Spherical Tanks
* Cylindrical Tanks
* Double-wall Tanks
* Fixed Roof Tanks
* Floating Roof Tanks

The measurements include precise evaluations of the verticality of the tank as well as the tank’s shell’s roundness and form as well as floor and roof profiles. Tank calibrations are performed according in accordance with the strict standards of the applicable international standards released by either the International Standards Organisation (ISO) or the American Petroleum Institute (API). Volumetric tables with precise volumetric measurements are created for each tank and may be formatted to meet the requirements of the customer. Comprehensive tables can be incorporated with any unit of measure that is standard in volume, size or both.

Our Expertise
The combination of decades of calibration experience and the most recent software allows us to offer extremely accurate affordable calibrations for spheres and tanks. Utilizing the most advanced technology to calibrate tanks engineers and technicians have access to the most advanced measurement equipment. Nirman Engineers Associates’ engineers have more than 20 years of experience in calibration systems for tanks and the development of calibration systems. Our experts are always available to provide professional assistance and guidance for clients’ concerns. Furthermore, our vast experience lets us provide custom solutions for difficult calibration needs.

Nirman Engineers Associates is committed to the continuous improvement for our calibration services and to ensuring that our service is based on the latest technology and the most up-to-date procedures as they evolve in order to keep our position as a leader of technology for calibration.

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