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Majhaulia Sugar Mill

Company Name:  Majhaulia Sugar Industries Pvt Ltd

Address: P.O. Majhaulia, West Champaran Majhaulia Pakri Dayal Purb Champaran Bihar-845454  Jay Shree Tea and Industries Ltd, a BK Birla Group firm based in Calcutta in 2018 decided to process molasses, a by-product from sugar-refining, to produce ethanol. As The government was looking to scale up blending of ethanol with automotive fuel.

The current Plant capacity is 5500 TCD. The factory has co-generation facility of 6 MW and its own sugarcane plantation of around 1000 acres. This is one of the best maintained factories in the State of Bihar.

The Plant is running under the guidance of Shri Rajesh Sarda (Chief Executive Officer)

Current Capacity
Sugar:  5000 TCD (Tons of Cane per Day)
Ethanol:   60 KLPD
Sugar Division
  • Mill House Foundations(5000 TCD)
  • DM Plant Foundation
  • Molasses Tank 1 lac Capacity foundation With Mechanical Fabrication work
  • 3 Sugar Godowns of 1,00,000 Quintal capacity each
  • Covered Bagasse Yard 40 Mtsx60 Mts
  • Construction of Sugar Mill Lagoon 90Mts X 70 Mtsx3.50 Mts
  • Road Construction
Distillery Division
  • Boiler foundation (24 TPH) with TG foundation and DCS room
  • Fermentation plant Foundation work and MCC building
  • Distillation and Evaporation Plant  foundation work
  • Storage Tanks 11 lakhs capacity
  • ETP and PCTP Tanks
  • Mollasses Tank 100000 Qtl Foundation and Fabrication work
  • Syrup Tanks
  • Lagoon
  • Other supportinf structure like rectified spirit tanks , loading points,and cooling towers
  • Road Construction
  • Chimney Foundation
  • Landscaping and Horticulture
Building Project at Majhualia Sugar Mill
  • G+4 Two Blocks 70 Flats in Each
  • G+3 Officers Block 24 Flats
  • GM Banglows 14 Nos
  • Engineering Office , Bio Lab and Conference Hall
  • Cane Office, SBI Branch and Mill Canteen Building
  • Admin Building
  • Post-Office Building
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Majhaulia Sugar Mill

Majhaulia Distillery


Majhaulia Distillery Inside


Molasis Tank 1 Lac Q


Storage Tank

Syrup Tank

Distillation Foundation

Fermantation Tank Foundation

Fermantation Tank

Foundation for Distillation


MCC Building Work

G+4 Building

Er.S.K.Misra at Ethanol Plant

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